Oskari Halsti

Photo: Tero Ahonen

Hello there. My name is Oskari and I’m a widely experienced musician based in London. Before starting my studies at the Guildhall School Artist Masters programme in 2020, I’ve already had the privilege to work with multiple gold and platinum selling artists in my home country Finland. I’ve gained experience in a whole range of different roles in recording and production with artists such as Ellinoora (Warner) and Kalevauva.fi (Playground Music / Vallilan Sorvi), to performing and songwriting with Scandinavian Music Group (Sony/Cortison), RULES (Soliti) and Wedding Crashers (Mercury, NXVX). Adding up all the projects I’ve been involved in, their streams would be somewhere in the millions.

The number of gigs I’ve played so far is somewhere around 1000, and I’ve played shows from the smallest clubs in Finland to the same festival stages as The Cardigans, Liam Gallagher and The Chainsmokers to name a few. Outside of Finland I’ve performed in Germany, UK, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. I produce fluently using my vocals, guitar, piano, and drums as well as electronics. My range of talent gives me a uniquely wide perspective of what it means to make music, and helps a lot with understading production.

What I really haven’t done so much over the past few years, is to just write and produce my own songs by myself. So what you’re witnessing here is a world premiere really. This music is a post -influenced combination of electronic and acoustic sounds laced with my tenderly crispy vocal. Not being so formal, I would probably describe it as “Sad Party”, which is a musical genre completely of my own invention.

The sole purpose of my writing is to make great songs. They might not always be simple ones, but in one way or another, their purpose is to create memorable moments in time. That really sums up the reason for being here in London too: to reach new heights as an artist, songwriter and a producer.

Thank you for reading and listening.

Please contact me at:
UK +447770604359
FI +358405416928

Photo: Tero Ahonen